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Each cone or bag is filled with an assortment of sweets Ideal for party favours, birthday parties, baby showers, gifts and will make the perfect gift for any sweet tooth.


All our sweet products will be prepared specifically for you so you can be sure that you will receive your order as fresh as possible. All the contents of these cones will have at least 4 months best before date. We take great pride in providing the highest possible customer service and products. Enjoy your sweeties!


Sweet Cones and Sweet Bags - delivered to your door, personalise them with any chocolates and sweets.


As Sweet Cones and Sweet Bags are made to order, presentations may vary from the pictures.


Sweet Cones/Sweet Bags can include the below: (Pick and Mix)

Haribo /fizzies 

Banannas and shrimps

Jelly snakes

Cola bottles 


Jelly babies 

Flying saucers


milk bottles

Rainbow drops